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Wells and Wanderers - Amorites


Plagues and Papyrus - Egyptians


Trust and Trickery - Hivites


Complete Grace Collection (Books 1-6)


Grace in Strange Disguise (Grace, #1)

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Grace in the Shadows (Grace, #2)


Grace in Deep Waters (Grace, #3)


Grace Collection - Books 1 2 3


Grace in the Desert (Grace, #4)


Grace Beneath the Frost (Grace, #5)


Grace Across the Miles (Grace, #6)


Grace Collection: Books 4-6


Grace in Strange Disguise (4 Chapter SAMPLE) AUDIO


Grace in Strange Disguise (Book 1) AUDIO


Grace in the Shadows (Book 2) AUDIO


About Me

Welcome. I'm Christine Dillon, author of both Christian fiction and non-fiction.

I was a physiotherapist but now I write ‘storyteller’ on any airport forms. I can legitimately claim to be this as I have written two books on storytelling and I spend much of my time either telling Bible stories or training others to do so.

I am currently living back in Australia after 22 years in Taiwan.

In my spare time I love all things active – hiking, cycling, swimming, snorkeling. But I also like reading and genealogical research, as that satisfies my desire to be an historical detective.

You can buy my ebooks and audiobooks at all the major online retailers (or get them free from your local library app), or buy on this store to support me directly! Thanks for your support and enjoy the read/listen!

Book trailer - Grace #1 - Grace in Strange Disguise

Each of my novels have a book trailer that allows you to see pictures of the settings of each book.

Several of the non-fiction books also have book trailers.

Book trailer - Wells and Wanderers

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