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Plagues and Papyrus - Egyptians

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15 reviews

What if life is built on the wrong foundation?

Kheti and his family have farmed papyrus along the Nile for generations. He’s confident the gods of Egypt and the harmony maintained by the divine Pharaoh are the sources of his prosperity. Then he watches his beloved river turn to blood, his crops fail, and his nation descend into chaos.

The Hebrew God wants his people released from slavery.

When the gods remain silent and Pharaoh is powerless to stop the carnage, Kheti wrestles with which way to turn. Replant his flattened crops and cling to Egypt’s gods? Or forsake his roots to follow new friends and a new faith to a distant land?

Could there be a place in God’s family for an Egyptian who kept God's people as slaves?

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Customer Reviews

Christine B.

4 months ago

A new perspective

I'm still thinking about how the Egyptians experienced the plagues and how some came to believe. How have I not thought about this before?


Verified Buyer

6 months ago

Plagues and Papyrus- A Must Read

Christine’s second novel in her Old Testament series was another gripping and encouraging read, as you eagerly journey with the Egyptian protagonists who discover Yahweh’s amazing faithfulness, purpose and power for themselves.


Verified Buyer

7 months ago

What an exciting beginning to the book

I've only just begun this book but love the characters and context provided already, as they give fresh and startling insight into the world of the Egyptians and Hebrews in the great Exodus story. I really enjoyed the Amorites novel, 'Wells and Wanderers', so was delighted Christine has written a second book set in ancient times. Thanks, Christine!

Dorothee M.

9 months ago


Great reading. I never understood the impact of the 10 plagues until I read this book. The author also beeautifully describes how the 10 plagues showed that God is the true God and that everybody had a chance to choose God and be saved. Thank you Christine for your wonderful books. I loved them all. Dorothee

Cindy S.

10 months ago

Great story

What a great story of an ordinary Egyptian family. What it might have been like going through plagues and how it transformed some of their lives as saw the power of the one true God. This book would be a great read for young readers 12 and up. The story between Hebrew and Egyptian family was. inspiring.