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Grace Collection: Books 4-6

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Come on a journey with ordinary people learning what it means to follow Jesus in tough times ...

Book 4 - Grace in the Desert
Must yesterday’s pain strangle tomorrow's hope?

Rachel Macdonald
is learning how to navigate the unfamiliar new world of being a Christian.

Her father rejected her years ago. Now he claims to be a new man. Surely God can't expect her to forgive him? Forgiving feels like a denial of all the pain and suffering he caused. 

Will Rachel remain bound by anger and hurt, or embrace the future God has planned?

Past tragedy almost overwhelmed Pete Klopper. Now he's taken over the family nursery it could be the fresh start he hopes for. But only If his past doesn't drag him down.

For Pete, the hardest person to forgive is himself.

Book 5 - Grace Beneath the Frost

Professional success. Personal failure.

As a respected cancer specialist, Paul Webster knows what he's doing. At least, he does at work. His home life's another story.
Now he's been thrown into a spin by a patient's death and her unshakeable confidence in life beyond the grave.
He’s always dismissed Christians as simplistic fools but this woman didn't fit his stereotype. What if there is truth beyond what he can learn with lab tests and logic? And what will checking out that truth cost him?

Book 6 - Grace Across the Miles

How can you belong when you don't know who you are?

Gina Reid is surrounded by people getting married or having babies. She's under pressure to settle down but how can she do that when she doesn't even know where she came from? Since the startling revelation that she was adopted, it's felt like there is something missing. But fear has kept her from searching for her biological parents.

What if learning the truth is worse than not knowing?

Now an overheard comment has propelled her into action. Can Gina find out who she truly is? Or will she discover that some secrets are best left undisturbed?

If you like compelling Christian fiction, relatable characters, and real emotion, then you'll love Christine Dillon's inspiring series.
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Customer Reviews


1 year ago

The stories that go beyond the story, stories of people that Esther loved

These final books of the Grace Series will challenge you to look at life's issues through the eyes of others and through a lens of faith that we all should focus our lives through. We hear the story of a doctor who struggles with his role of saving patients while his own life is in shambles because of choices he has made. Book 5 will battle the difficult emotions that follow abortion and the healing that can be found on the other side, with God's help. And in the finale we get to hear Gina’s story at last, a story of adoption and the very unique love that comes on all sides of that. Each story unique with its own lessons about faith and grace.