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Complete Grace Collection (Books 1-6)

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2 reviews
If you like compelling Christian fiction, relatable characters, and real emotion, then you’ll love Christine Dillon’s inspiring series.

Come on a journey with Esther and her family and friends ...

Award-winning, Australian, contemporary Christian fiction. Ordinary people learning what it means to follow Jesus in tough times.

The complete set of six books.

Review of book 1: "A read-in-a-single-sitting book. Strongly Christian. Deeply engaging. It will have you smiling and tearing up in equal measure, yet avoids schmaltz or cliched sentimentality …"

Book 1 - Grace in Strange Disguise

Esther - Where is God when she needs him most?

Book 2 - Grace in the Shadows

Two women. One collision course with truth.

Book 3 - Grace in Deep Waters

William and Blanche - When is a marriage over? When do you stand and fight?

Book 4 - Grace in the Desert

Pete and Rachel - Must yesterday’s pain strangle tomorrow's hope?

Book 5 - Grace Beneath the Frost

Paul - Professional success. Personal failure.

Book 6 - Grace Across the Miles

Gina - How can you belong when you don't know who you are?

A soul-inspiring series for those who like their Christian fiction, realistic, thought-provoking, and motivating. 
Buy the whole collection and save. 

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Customer Reviews


1 year ago

Not your typical Christian fiction stories, highly recommend this series!

There are dozens (maybe hundreds!) of authors now writing “Christian romance” novels which generally involve a man and a woman, one or both professing faith in Christ, who eventually fall in love. They are often predictable (though sometimes entertaining) and generally lack much depth of spiritual food for the soul.

Christine Dillon, on the other hand, writes God-stories. Stories of God wooing people to Himself. With all the thrill and emotions of a romance, but centered entirely on what our hearts and minds ought to be. Each of her characters comes from a unique past with unique prejudices and experiences, making each book of her Grace series a fascinating read.

This is a wonderful collection to have and read again and again. It begins with a lovable character, Esther, who finds herself suddenly facing cancer instead of the wonderful marriage dream. Through her story, we meet her family and several acquaintances who become familiar characters through the rest of the series. Esther's faith challenges those around her to grow, and her boldness will challenge you as a reader to be the best follower of Christ you can be. Highly recommended series!

Sylvia B.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Complete Grace collection

I so enjoyed all these books. I found them hard to put down. I really liked the book which tackled some people view of not healed, some pastors think you have sinned, lacked faith when you aren't healed. So well done.