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2 reviews

Grace Beneath the Frost (Grace, #5)

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2 reviews
Professional success. Personal failure.

As a respected cancer specialist, Paul Webster knows what he's doing. At least, he does at work. His home life's another story.
Now he's been thrown into a spin by a patient's death and her unshakeable confidence in life beyond the grave.
He’s always dismissed Christians as simplistic fools but this woman didn't fit his stereotype. What if there is truth beyond what he can learn with lab tests and logic? And what will checking out that truth cost him?

Grace Beneath the Frost is a soul-stirring contemporary Christian novel. Book 5 in the Grace series.

If you like compelling Christian fiction, relatable characters, and real emotion, then you’ll love Christine Dillon’s inspiring series.
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Customer Reviews


1 year ago

Doubt & Skepticism, Mystery & Mild Suspense, Fears & Victory

This book follows an educated skeptic who is touched by a patient’s rock-solid faith through the trials of cancer. Through his journey we meet doubt and skepticism, mystery and mild suspense, fears and victory, and even a touch of romance. But most of all, we learn from his journey walking and talking with a God he’s not even sure exists.

An excellent read, and I love the ending, though some may disagree!

Erin L.

1 year ago

Wonderful story of finding Jesus!

4.5 stars for this 5th installment of the Grace series. While this book can be enjoyed on its own, it does have more depth if you've read the prior books in this series. This book follows Paul Webster, the cancer doctor who treated Esther in the prior books. Her life/outlook and challenge to him haunt him to the point where he seeks to determine who Jesus actually was. As with the other books in this series, there is a great amount of spiritual depth in this novel as Paul seeks to learn and understand more. I appreciated the family dynamic in this one as Paul has teenage children and I appreciated how those relationships were impacted by his spiritual seeking. I enjoyed the various plot points that created the relational and spiritual tension and the characters were likable and relatable. I personally would have liked stronger closure at the end, but the ending stayed true to the story and the characters, so I can't complain about that too much. :) As with the other books in this series, I'll put in the disclaimer that the author of this book is Australian, so a few words, spelling and grammar instances are different than my American "ears" are used to hearing, but that's easy enough to get past and doesn't detract from the enjoyment of the story at all. Special thanks to the author for an advance e-copy of this book. I was under no obligation to provide a review and the thoughts contained herein are my own.